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Welcome to my Rosenthal Vases website, for lovers of beautiful Rosenthal porcelain.  I made this because I spent three weeks online searching for a vase I mislaid while moving house. At this point, I have more photos of vases than available space on this website, so it my catalog has spilled over onto  Pinterest. Your donations would be much appreciated - including photos, and old catalogs.

Here you can find out more about your beautiful vase. Rosenthal has been manufacturing porcelain for over 125 years. Many designers have been involved. Your vase may be part of a series, come in various sizes, or be part of a dining service.  Click on the tabs to enter the catalog. Most of the catalog is dedicated to recording information about vases which are no longer in production, but there is also a section where you can buy brand new vases.

As my photo collection has grown over the years, so has the challenge of organizing it. There are Four Categories:

Post War
Old Vases

Identifying your Vase

Every item that is manufactured by Rosenthal has a backstamp or maker's mark, usually to be found on the underside. Rosenthal has used many backstamps over the years, and this website has the many common ones, but not all. The two below are the main ones:
My Rosenthal Backstamps or Rosenthal Marks are organized as follows:

1957 +
1935 - 1957
1887 - 1934

Be aware that some vases were manufactured for decades and can be found with different backstamps. A good example is "Maria" which has been in production since about the 1930s.

Please Note:
* All photos sent to me may be included in the catalog.
* I am not affiliated with the Rosenthal Company - I just love their wonderful porcelain!
* Sie können mir auch auf Deutsch schreiben.



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"signature" "Handgemalt" = Hand painted = painted by hand.


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